Crane Specific Features

Visual Dispatch® software makes it easy to schedule equipment and/or employess with simple, easy to use features. Below are some of the easy to use Crane Specific screen shots.



Check A Lift Form

With this handy feature anybody in the office can size a crane for just about any lift. Even if you are experienced at reading load charts, this feature will save time and give the answer your customer is looking for in a matter of seconds. Enter the 3 lift dimensions as shown in the image to the left and a load weight, if known, and Visual Dispatch® software will select the appropriate crane size for the lift.



Results - Lift Capacity

With this example, the dimensions are requiring the crane to lift 8,000 lbs., 45 feet out from the back bumper or side of the outriggers. Reference to the back bumper instead of the center pin is so all the cranes in the fleet can be analyzed at the same time using the same reference point. Visual Dispatch® software has selected the 40 Ton Lorain, only if the lift can be performed over the rear of the crane.

Lift dimension can be looked up and saved with a rental. If lift dimensions are supplied on a rental form, they can also be printed on the operator ticket displaying an image of a building with all the dimensions labeled on the image. The center pin to the center of the unit be lifted is automatically calculated and displayed on the ticket.


Load Weight Only for Furthest Distances

If you only supply the load weight and click the results button, you will see the furthest distance that all your cranes can take the unit out. This type of information would take a dispatcher a great deal of time to look this up for each cranes size in their fleet. Not only will this feature find this information in less than 3 seconds, but the person does not have to be an experienced chart reader, in fact they could just be your receptionist.


Results - Furthest Distances

In this example, the load weight entered was 8,000 lbs. Each row on the grid displays the furthest distance over the rear and over the side that each crane size can take it out. A boom configuration can be displayed as in the previous example for any given row.