Employee/Equipment Charts - Concrete

Visual Dispatch® software makes it easy to schedule equipment and/or employess with simple, easy to use features. Below are some of the easy to use screen shots.



Equipment Chart - Day View

Point your mouse at an open spot, click, drag and you have just scheduled a crane & operator with the date & time without ever touching the keyboard.



[click to enlarge]



Equipment Chart - Week View

The Week View chart displays 7 days at a time. This view is showing a bar on each day for the length of time it is scheduled. This view can also show the jobs as one solid bar from the begin to end date.


Employee Chart

Visual Dispatch® software also provides an Employee Chart for scheduling by employee. This chart offers all the same features as the equipment chart. If an employee is scheduled on a piece of equipment, a bar will appear in the row next to the employee's name on the employee chart as well as a bar next to the equipment number on the equipment chart.