Invoices & Reports

Visual Dispatch® software makes it easy to schedule equipment and/or employess with simple, easy to use features. Below are some of the easy to use invoicing and reporting screen shots.



Printed Invoice Sample

Invoices can be customized for any desired appearance. Use your own company logo with the stored company information displayed below. If something changes, like a fax number, address, area code, etc..., you can change the information in the program without having to change your stationary.

Invoices can be integrated with QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB, Microsoft Great Plains and many others. Call for more information on how Visual Dispatch® software can integrate with your current accounting system.



Invoice Set-up Form

Invoices are automatically generated from the work order or rental. The invoice can be modified to meet your needs by adding line items or modifying the existing data. If you have the program set to integrate, there is a check box indicating the invoice is ready to be transfered. With one click, all the invoices marked ready will be transfered over to your accounting system.



Rental History Reporting

This list will display all the rentals performed for the selected customer. The grid can be customized by adding and removing columns to display the desired information. Invoice informaion related to the rental can also be displayed. Sorting and searching apply to the column heading that is clicked.



Job List Reporting

Display a list of all the job sites for any given customer. Only the jobs that have been done for the selected customer will appear on the list. The list can be sorted by any column. Once the column is sorted, searching is activated on that column as you type the letters for the word you are looking for.